3600 Vehicle Check

BMW Premium Selection. Certified pre-owned.

All BMW Premium Selection vehicles undergo our rigorous 3600 vehicle check.

BMW Premium Selection

Service history / Technical recalls

  1. Oil service and inspection accomplished
  2. Service history documented
  3. Required technical recalls accomplished
  4. Country specific legal tests (e. g. MOT) not due within 50% of statutory period
BMW Premium Selection

Optical standards interior

Building on their background of hospitality, we aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Servicing your vehicle at our service centre ensures that you receive the following;

  1. Windshields, windows and lights without damages that exceed age-related and mileage-related wear and tear
  2. body and paint(lacquer) without damages that exceed age-related and mileage-related wear and tear
  3. Accidental damages (if existing) repaired according to bMW standards
  4. Stickers removed
  5. Lacquer polished, chrome well-tended
  6. Under body in wheel apron area cleaned
  7. Tyres and rims well-tended and cleaned
  8. Door rubber and sealing rubber without damages
  9. Windows and mirrors cleaned
  10. Plastic parts well-tended
BMW Premium Selection

Optical standards interior

  1. Pockets, hatches, cup holders, luggage rack and wind stop functional
  2. Upholstery well-tended and cleaned
  3. Odour treatment / deodorization accomplished
  4. Carpet and doormats cleaned
  5. Cockpit well-tended
  6. Ceiling cleaned
  7. Luggage trunk cleaned
  8. Door hinge pillar cleaned
  9. Door covering and interior covering cleaned
  10. Safety belts cleaned
  11. Windows cleaned from inside
  12. Pedal rubbers cleaned and in mint condition
BMW Premium Selection

Technical criteria

  1. Tyres (incl. spare wheel) according to model specifications and registered (< 5 years and min. 4 mm profile depth)
  2. Rims without damages that exceed age-related and mileage-related wear and tear
  3. brakes functional
  4. Steering functional and backlash checked
  5. Antishock functional
  6. Filling quantity hydraulics, cooling water and brake fluid on required level
  7. Windscreen washer system refilled incl. antifreeze resp. intensive cleanser
BMW Premium Selection

Engine / Engine compartment

  1. Engine compartment cleaned
  2. Engine gaskets, gear box gaskets and differential gaskets functional
  3. Drive shaft sleeves sealed
  4. Clutch functional and without loss of comfort
  5. Exhaust system incl. catalytic converter functional
  6. Toothed belt and Poly-V belt functional
  7. Tank, tubes and gasoline filter sealed
  8. Cooling system functional and sealed (service interval met for antifreeze)
BMW Premium Selection

Electronics / Moveable parts

  1. Interior lighting incl. instruments, glove locker and luggage trunk functional
  2. Battery functional (90% capacity and >12,1 V)
  3. Signal horn and alarm system functional
  4. (Electronic) seat adjustment, seat heating and steering column adjustment functional
  5. (Electronic) window lift, mirrors, sliding roof and convertible top functional
  6. Lights incl. head lights and rear lights functional
  7. Windscreen wiper and rear window wiper functional
  8. Rear window defroster functional
  9. Air conditioning and auxiliary heating functional
  10. Radio, sound system, on-board computer and multifunctional steering wheel functional
  11. Bluetooth and TV-system functional
  12. Navigation system functional
  13. BMW Assist functional
  14. Airbags activated, deactivation functional (ISOFIX)
BMW Premium Selection

Final checking / Documents

  1. Fault memory search carried out and defects eliminated if necessary; no warning signals
  2. Car and key memory, navigation system and telephone reset
  3. Service Call reset
  4. Radio pass and certificates for additional parts, rims and modifications etc. available according to legal regulations
  5. Operation manual, service booklet and on-board literature available (in vehicle)
  6. Mobile Care and accident hotline sticker attached
  7. Repair toolkit, car jack and small parts (antenna, plastic parts, rim locks etc.) complete
  8. Central locking system and keys functional (missing keys disabled)
  9. First-aid kit and warning triangle in vehicle
BMW Premium Selection

Test drive

  1. Test drive accomplished
  2. Engine starts easily and runs smoothly
  3. No untypical wind noise and vibrations
  4. Cruise control and Park Distance Control functional
  5. Telephone and hands-free kit functional
  6. Stick shift transmission, automatic transmission, SMG without noticeable problems
  7. DSC, HDC, EDC functional
  8. Power steering without noticeable problems; straight running stability: vibrations within tolerance